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Emergency care information guidance

 We do not call ambulance, but emergency care information guidance is service that person in charge is telephone and guides emergency hospital information nearby to citizen's who does not know the hospital having you examine, and has a problem.
 In addition, we can search emergency care information from PC and cell-phone.

Hospital guidance

 Hospital guidance on holiday is Mie emergency care information system by night
1.We check on the Internet
We see medical net
2.We hear on the telephone.
To emergency care information center call center (059) 229-1199

As information to show around is thing of point in time when we called, please call hospital right before you go.

 Medical office on holiday, Yokkaichi-shi emergency medical office(the Yokkaichi doctor Hall) to (059) 353-1759


The 119th is urgent line notifying fire, first aid.

We tell and show around emergency care information?
What is emergency care information guidance?
"We want ambulance to come. But it is service to guide information of emergency hospital to citizen's who has a problem saying we do not know the hospital having you examine though we do not call
Yeah, we are very reliable! But what should I convey?
Please tell age, sex, subject that you want to treat or symptom.
Why is age or sex necessary?
This is because it understands the appropriate specialities for age, sex, symptom!
Tell phone number of emergency care information guidance!
It is 059-229-1199.
We can search using the Internet.


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