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Do you not forget national general fire prevention motto in 2018? It is identified fire in wallet by smartphone

What's New New the past list is this
Fire prevention, waterproofing
It is this fire prevention, waterproofing in detailIt is page providing reliable information by security that is necessary for life for citizen's all of you.

About emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance
Community safety information
Rental of firefighting equipments

Fire prevention, waterproofing
It is this preventive information in detailIt is page providing information about information or application to prevent fire.

To prevent fire
The handling of imminent dangerous materials
Yokkaichi-shi firefighting team

Yokkaichi-shi firefighting team
It is this in detail Yokkaichi-shi firefighting teamIt is page to introduce firefighting team of Yokkaichi-shi that is active based on mind of native district protection "that their towns protect in oneself" while having main profession to.

What is firefighting team?
Activity of firefighting team

Firefighting battle front
It is this in detail firefighting battle frontIt is page providing information such as activity or fire, help of fire brigade, rescue team in disaster.

Activity of fire brigade
Activity of high rescue team

Emergency battle front
It is this in detail emergency battle frontWe do not know when and where you can be taught by sudden injury and disease either. We offer information necessary for such a case.

Emergency care information kit
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED
Emergency lifesaving measures
Guidance of fire department
It is this guidance of fire department in detailIt is page that shows around place and firefighting vehicle of fire department.
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