What is unoccupied house bank?

 It is system to provide information in the Internet including homepage of city for unoccupied house (user) considering by moving to another house in information about unoccupied house based on hope from owners in hope of sale, lease.

Structure of unoccupied house bank

Single-family unoccupied house existing home applies to unoccupied house bank.
○Person who can enroll in unoccupied house bank is residential land building business (mediation (intermediation)) supplier.

Unoccupied house bank (public corporation) Mie association of residential land building business and
(public corporation) carry out in cooperation with All Japan Real Estate Association Motobu, Mie.

Contact information

Yokkaichi-shi government office City Planning Division
Telephone: 059-354-8272 /
FAX: 059-354-8404
E-mail: toshikeikaku@city.yokkaichi.mie.jp

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